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Carozzeria Zagato falls into foreign ownership for the first time in its 90-year history

A controlling stake of Zagato, the Milanese styling house with a 90-year history in coachbuilding, has been purchased by Autoline Industries, an automotive engineering and manufacturing conglomerate based in India. The move has been seen as essential in ensuring the survival of the struggling design house.

Autoline Industries, an integrated design, engineering and manufacturing company based in India, currently produces complete sheet metal welded assemblies and mechanisms, but it has an expansion plan for the design house. With Zagato on board, as part of Autoline, the Group will offer ‘Art to Part solutions’ for automotive and transportation markets around the world.

Zagato will join ten other manufacturing facilities in India and the US, as well as the team of 300 design and engineering experts.

Zagato, founded in 1919, created classics like the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and Alfa Romeo SZ, as well as many other notable cars during its 90-year history. The company now offers highly flexible styling, modelling and prototype construction facilities to the worlds automotive, aerospace and marine brands.

Commenting on the move, Gopal Patwardhan, executive chairman of Autoline said: ‘With Zagato joining our group, we now cover the entire product development lifecycle, with volume manufacturing and advance engineering now combined with the most exclusive Italian design’.

Andrea Zagato, Chairman of Zagato added: ‘The combination of the latest finite element modelling and analysis technologies from DEP Autoline, a subsidiary of Autoline Industries, with Zagato’s functional design philosophy represents a significant development in our 90 year history. This will enable us to continue to offer the best of Italian design with the most innovative software modelling and analysis technologies available in the automotive industry today’.

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