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Given the works - Aston Martin Development Project cars in action

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The hallowed trio of Aston Martin prototypes have been reunited exclusively for Octane...

Seven years ago, David Lillywhite spoke to motoring journalist and Aston Martin historian Paul Chudecki about the idea of bringing together the three remaining Aston Martin Development Project cars – DP212, 214 and 215 – for their first ever track comparison by any publication.Paul had been chasing the idea since 1999, and it looked like his work was finally about to yield a result. We were really excited. The Development Project cars were (and are) legendary, coming close to beating the Ferraris at Le Mans in 1962 and ’63, and everyone involved agreed that Octane was the perfect publication in which to feature them – no other magazine would be able to dedicate as much space to such important machinery.Paul Chudecki never gave up on trying to get the feature together, through changes of ownership, mechanical failures and intensive rebuilds. The result is an epic feature, the first time that these cars have ever been compared on the track by a motoring journalist.

Read their full story – and how they are to drive in the November 2010 issue of Octane. Enjoy the teaser video.


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