Classic Cars of SC, Inc.

Why Buy From Me?

Classic Cars of S. C. specializes in good Southern collector cars in need of restoration work. We sell a lot of father and son restoration projects. The Father and Son comes in, the Son finds the car of his dreams, they purchase it, take it home and restore it together. When it is completed and the Son is driving it, he has his blood, sweat tears and skint knuckles in it instead of just Dad's wallet. We also have some cars that are ready to drive away to the cruise in and the show. We often say that "We run an old car adoption agency and we just like to find our children happy homes." We would like to invite you to drop by for a fun day and take a stroll through our FIELD OF DREAMS. You may just find that special car or truck of your DREAMS here. We sure would love to make that happen for you and all we ask is "What can we do to make our DREAM car yours?"


We have over 45 years of experience in buying, selling, restoring, manufacturing and building collector cars. We have shipped cars to over three fourths of the states in the United Stares and to at lest 31 other countries around the world. We also appraise cars. Remember, it is a good idea to have a written appraisal of your vehicle for insurance purposes before it is wrecked, stolen or destroyed by fire or flood.

Honors & Awards

We have restored several national prize winning antique cars in the past and we still have one of them in our private family collection.


Some of our vehicles are in really bad condition and can only be used as parts cars. A few of our cars are ready for the cruise in. We mostly handle restoration projects. Some may say "You have got to be out of your mind if you think that vehicle is worth that amount of money" others may say "Well that is about what it is worth" and some may ask "Why is it so Cheap?" Come down, take a walk through our FIELD OF DREAMS and make that decision for yourself.

Car Categories I Sell

  • Modern Performance
  • Race Cars


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