Auto Group of Plano

Why Buy From Me?

We began dabbling in the used car business several years ago with the help of a local dealer. As time passed, more and more people began asking us to find them quality vehicles at affordable prices. In 2001, with the increase in requests, we decided to open our used car lot in Plano, Texas. It's not big and fancy. It does not have a 30 ft. gorilla out front. But, it works great for us and keeps the costs down for you! We don't think of ourselves as typical used car dealers. We don't employ sales-pressure techniques to get you to buy a car you don't want or can't afford. There are no "going-out-of-business" or "all-cars-must-go" advertisements used to draw you in. There are no cash rebates on the cars we have on our lot. But, there are good cars for all budgets and two honest guys to help you find what you need.

Car Categories I Sell

  • Modern Performance
  • Import Classics
  • American Classics
  • Muscle & Pony Cars
  • Exotics
  • Antiques
  • Kit Cars & Replicas
  • Race Cars
  • Classic Trucks


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