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At Docs Restorations in St Petersburg, Florida, we specialize in Classic Car Sales & Restorations including custom engine, paint and bodywork. No matter what you need, Hot Rod Docs has the prescription for good times and great rides! The acronym WYSIWYG (whizzy-wig) is a term long used in the tech sector to define both simplicity of use and honesty of transparency (what you see is what you get!). Here at Docs Restorations, we firmly believe in and have adopted that as our motto: what you see is what you get honest, authentic classics! Our dedicated staff has over 100 years (collectively) of restoration, fabrication, assembly, bodywork, paint, graphics and mechanical experience. We love what we do... and it shows! We offer our project cars available to you from the very beginning of restoration through any point of completion of the project. You can pick colors, interior materials, chrome options, drive train options, suspension options, and more. It is a wide-open project waiting for you to step in at any point and take over to finish your dream project. We specialize in projects that will jog your memory (or create new ones) with todays technology and the best muscle cars have to offer! Our cars are driver quality - we call them ProuderTM. (Pra?-der): the owner can be proud to be seen in it right now. He or she can take it to shows and be proud of what it is... beyond that, it is the solid, backbone car for restoration, customization or Resto-Mod that you can purchase as a rolling, complete project. The parts list included with each car represents everything needed to complete this true muscle car! Let us complete it for you - your design, your creation. We will fully assemble or, if you prefer, turn it into a very cool DIY project along the way! Either way, the complete inventory is available for this vehicle. Docs specializes in quality entry- to mid-level muscle cars and hot rods, from concept to completion. So, whether your looking for a turnkey, completed project, (now called a beautiful muscle car) or you start from the very beginning and create exactly that look, feel and sound that you want, we are the resource that can get you rolling! We are a small staff shop where everybody lives for their project car. We don't feel like were coming to work, we feel like were the lucky ones who get to do what we love doing... all day long. We are all family people and build our cars for families, hoping theyll be handed down from one generation to the next. We are by appointment only for sales and quotes on projects, and would love to talk to you about turning your project car into your classic ride. Car Categories We Sell Muscle & Pony Cars Modern Performance Kit Cars & Replicas Antiques Classic Trucks Import Classics American Classics Race Cars Hot Rods & Customs Exotics Car Categories We Sell Specialized paint and bodywork Classic Restorations Complete mechanical service Tires and wheels Exhausts and wiring Custom fabrication Research and photography Docs Restorations Call the Doc today! (727) 498-8903 Its Always KruZzzin Nite Somewhere!

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    Nov 26, 2013

    Thanks to Doc's!

    Nov 26, 2013

    I purchased my 1967 Mustang from Docs Restorations and have been in love with it since I first laid eyes on it. They showed me a complete history on it with photos from before to after and at every phase of restoration in-between. I couldnt believe it was the car they showed me in the pics. It wasnt much to look at up on blocks behind a central florida barn with plants growing through the engine compartment, but by the time they were through with it, youd think it had lived in a garage its whole life! They disassembled it down to parts and restored & rebuilt every system on the car. I purchased it at the point of replacing the interior and I got to make the decisions that really made it mine. Now, I take it out on the weekends and show the kids what a true classic looks like! My best car decision was trusting the guys at Docs, theyre the best at what they do and it shows! Jack R., Ozona, FL