California Dream Cars

California Dream Cars is a full service appraisal business recognized and accepted by insurance companies, lending institutions, courts and the IRS. Licensed and bonded since 1971, we give you the absolute confidence necessary to make informed decisions regarding any automobile whether late model or classic. We provide vehicle appraisals based on "fair market value". The definition of "fair market value' according to Black's Law Dictionary as being "The price a willing and knowledgeable buyer would pay a willing and knowledgeable seller, neither party being under duress and both having a reasonable knowledge of relevant facts...". WE WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ALL THE RELEVANT FACTS! WE THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE YOUR CAR APPRAISED FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: *Before buying or selling a vehicle. *When securing collateral for a loan. *When assessing the value of an estate. *Before, during and after restoring a vehicle. *When shopping for insurance. *When determining import or export duties. *Anytime you just want to know the true market value of a vehicle. *If you own a classic or vintage car, you can't afford not to have it appraised! Appraisal Services Include: Pre-Purchase Inspections, Stated Value Insurance Appraisals, Bank Loan Evaluation, Resolve Insurance Disputes, Litigation/Arbitration, Diminished Value, IRS Donations, Property Settlements and Expert Witness. We will travel and same day service is available.

Service Address:

14217 Oxnard Street

Van Nuys, CA 91401

Services Provided

  • Detailing

Car Categories Serviced

  • Exotics
  • Modern Performance
  • Muscle & Pony Cars
  • Race Cars
  • Classic Trucks
  • American Classics
  • Kit Cars & Replicas
  • Import Classics
  • Hot Rods & Customs
  • Antiques


  • Appraisals & Inspections