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Why Buy From Me?

Steve Nacht has been in the automobile business his entire life! At age 71, after being in retirement for only 5 months, he missed the business so much that he opened his latest venture, Antiques, Classics & More Auto Sales LLC, in West Palm Beach, FL. He is specializing in antique and classic cars that are less expensive and affordable to anyone who would like to get into that type of automobile. Steve loves to buy, sell and trade. He attends classic car auctions all over the country. His private collection include several 1955 Chevy??"s, and a 1969 Chevy Nova race car, that he personally raced in his younger days. He also owns a Harley trike. Steve started selling cars when he was just 17 years old on a used car lot in Brooklyn, NY. It was there, several years later, that he met his wife of 46 years, Judy, when he sold her a 1964 Rambler. He went on to become the leading salesman in the New York tri-state area working for a Cadillac dealership on Staten Island. He then spent more than a decade in South Florida, overseeing hundreds of employees at eleven Braman car dealerships. He also owned Greatest Deals On Wheels in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Newton, NJ and Las Vegas, NV. In 2005, Steve opened Under $10,000 Auto Sales in West Palm Beach, FL and later opened a dealership of the same name in Murphy, NC. Steve said ??SI??"ve been in the car business my whole life. It??"s in my blood. I??"ve been this way since I was a kid. I love cars and people, and I love to sell cars. I live, eat and sleep cars???. He says ??SWhat I??"ve done in the past has really helped me be successful. He also credits his success to his family. Any day you visit his dealership, you will see Steve and Judy working there together. They are an honest?? to-goodness team! Their four children all grew up in the car business, and helped out on Saturdays and summers while growing up. Now, as adults, their daughter, Mindy, is a teacher, Lori is an attorney, Lisa is executive assistant to the CTO of a Fortune 500 company, and son, Josh, is a car dealer, as well. The next generation, consisting of 13 grandchildren, will all get their chance to work at the car lot too! Come on down to visit Antiques, Classics & More Auto Sales LLC. Steve and Judy will be happy to help you out!!

Car Categories I Sell

  • Exotics
  • Import Classics
  • Classic Trucks
  • Antiques
  • American Classics



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