1967 Chevrolet Camaro

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1967 Chevrolet Camaro

  • DESCRIPTIONI've just completed the restoration of this numbers matching 1967 Camaro RS. I've completely rebuilt the 327 engine and Muncie 4 speed transmission. My objective was to return the car to its original 1967 showroom condition with few exceptions. . I had the crankshaft professionally turned, polished and balanced, installed new pistons, rings, bearings, lifters, valves and oil pump. I returned the engine to its original factory condition and all bolts were torqued to GM specifications. In essence, this is a brand new 44 year old 327 engine. I also rebuilt the Muncie 4 speed transmission replacing the bearings, seals, thrust washers, synchronization and slider gears, 3rd and reverse gears (1st, 2nd and 4th were in good condition). Virtually everything in the engine compartment is new or returned to its original factory condition. I set up the engine just as it was in 1967 with few exceptions. It has the Rochester 4 barrel carburetor and I installed the factory single point AC Delco distributor and ignition coil. I know this is not as nice and maintenance free as the newer HEI distributors, but again, I wanted to keep it original. However, if you prefer, I have a Mallory coil and HEI distributor that I will provide if you'd like to swap them out. I also kept the original oil filter canister system used in 1967. I know they are a little messier than the new screw-on oil filters, but again, that's how the car came originally. However, I do have an adaptor kit to convert from the canister to the screw-on filters if you prefer. It's a simple procedure involving 2 bolts. You are welcome to have it, or I'll do it for you. There are only 2 non-standard items in the engine compartment. You will see in the pictures that the word "Chevrolet" on the valve covers is highlighted in black. In 1967 it was orange like the rest of the valve cover. I just like the look better and of course it's easy to return it to Chevy orange. Also I went with headers instead of exhaust manifolds for better performance. They boost the horsepower to over 300hp. The car also has new brakes; new Cooper Cobra tires and comes with 14" Rally Wheels with the original stainless steel 1967 Camaro hub caps. These were unique to 1967 as the hub caps were changed in 1968 and the newer style retained for a number of years. You will see in the pictures that I also have 15" American Racing Wheels. These, of course, are much better wheels. The interior is in showroom condition with new headliner, sun visors, door panels and carpet. This model Camaro also came with the rare fold down rear seat. Everything works including the cigarette lighter and the glove box light. The only exception is the defrost lever. Due to a factory defect, this does not work in most 1967 Camaros. However, I have a new remanufactured lever that corrects that defect. I'll be happy to provide it as well. One of the best features of this Camaro is the original walnut wood grain Camaro steering wheel. I restored it to its original condition. They are rather rare as most have been replaced over the years. The only non-standard item in the interior is the Infinity stereo system and speakers. It sounds wonderful, but it is not original. Finally, after all the work was done I had the car repainted in Bolero Red with the black nose band. The paint is in perfect condition. Denver, Colorado.


  • STATUSFinished
  • CATEGORYMuscle & Pony Cars





  • ENGINE8 Cylinder
  • DRIVETRAIN2 wheel drive


  • TRANSMISSION4 Speed Manual






  • WINDOWS Tinted Glass
  • SOUND Cassette Player AM/FM Radio
  • OTHER FEATURES Rear Spoiler Custom Wheels


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