1968 Volvo P1800

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1968 Volvo P1800

  • DESCRIPTIONThis is one oft the rare 1800 series volvos produced from 1962 to 1974. Italian designed, it was volvo's attempt to get in the sports car field after the corvette was introduced. It has the legendary volvo dependable mechanics, but looks VERY cool. It was used in the TV series The Saint by Roger Moore, giving it an image of intrigue along with the 60's secret agents. Only a few thousand were produced each year, with a smaller number coming to the United States. Most northern region 1800's were scrapped years ago, as they could not handle the salt on winter roads. This car was from Florida and was totally restored at over $10,000 about 1995. I have all receipts passed on by the former owner (2nd owner). I had the car shipped to Minnesota 5 years ago, and it has never seen snow. Actually the previouos owner disconnected the heater! AC will work with a recharge. The leather interior is in good shape. The glass is all pretty good, and the chrome.. The 1969 motor was put in to replace the underpowered original 1968 motor, along with updated carb. With manual choke, it always fires right up, even after winter storage. It is not a fast, high performance sports car- remember it's a volvo, but was designed by an Italian to give it a "cool" design, which they certainly did. The car is a real eyecathcer. My car's primary needs are repainting, although it still shines up and looks good on the road, and the dash, which is original but missing a switch and kind of showing it's age. It also had a dash cover (after market) installed, which could have been done better... The previous owner in Florida drove this car as a daily driver for several years, and it is still good for that, or it is a very prime candidate for a full makeover since it has pretty much all parts, and some spares which II have purchased with the intent to do a makeover myself. However, at 59 years old, I have been suffering with a bad back and medical procedures,that don't allow me to do much bending, reaching, etc. do do the work myself. I found a very good windshield on e-bay and had that installed- the old one had whited out around the edges from the sun, I pretty much only drive the car to my lake cottage a few times a summer ( only 20 miles away), and then back inside for winter storage. I used to see some way back in college in Minneapolis when they were still pretty new cars. The great styling was easy to spot in the late 1960's and early 70's. Like I said earlier there are very few still around the northern tier, and there is a club of 1800 owners in Minnesota that has get-togethers I think once a year just to see each others cars and talk about this classic. I would feel comfortable to jump in this car and drive anywhere, as it is very sound mechanically and drives nicely with a surprisingly soft suspension. I saw an article a couple of years ago that a fellow in England had the highest mileage car known, and, yes, it was an 1800. He drove it for parts delivery for years and later brought it the the States to tour the country. I think it had about 3 million miles, with only 2 motor overhauls if I remember corrfectly. I still have the article in my papers. Legendary Volvo engineering, and a beautiful Italian designed sports car body. I think the 1800's were raced some in the 60's on road tracks, but like I said, were not built to be speedy racers. But it is a great car to own and enjoy and do a little pleasure driving. It's fun to see the look on young people's faces who have never seen one of these beautifully styled 1800's before. It is a very fun car to own!


  • STATUSFinished
  • CATEGORYImport Classics


  • DOORS:Two Door


  • SUSPENSIONCoil Suspension
  • CONDITIONgood, cruises smoothly down the highway


  • ENGINE4 Cylinder
  • DRIVETRAIN2 wheel drive - rear
  • DISPLACEMENT190 Cubic Centimeters
  • ORIGINALITYReplaced Engine - Upgraded
  • CONDITION1968 engine replace with 1969 model which has higher displacement and horspower, with upgraded carbuerator
  • FUELGasoline
  • EXHAUSTSingle Exhaust


  • TRANSMISSION4 Speed Manual with Overdrive
  • ORIGINALITYOriginal Transmission - Matching Numbers
  • CONDITIONworks fine, overdrive overhauled before I purchased it


  • CONDITIONgood, was redone before I purchased it. have all receipts for all work done in restoring the car, about $10,000.
  • PAINT CONDITIONpaint is shrunk and crinkled in some top areas from florida sun. very few dings. no rust visible,but there is a bubble forming at left rear wheel.




  • SEATS Leather Seats
  • COMFORT Air Conditioning
  • SOUND AM/FM Radio Cassette Player