1975 Porsche 911

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1975 Porsche 911

  • DESCRIPTION1975 Porsche Carrera Coupe for sale: VIN #9115400364 or # 364 out of a total of 395 produced I purchased this car in late August of 2001 off EBay. It was painted a gorgeous dark Green color with tan interior. It had lived its whole live in San Diego, CA. The Certificate of Authenticity lists this car as having the exterior paint of Bitter Chocolate Brown and having a Cinnamon Leatherette interior. If the pictures that you are looking at appear to be a brown exterior and tan interior, then you are more color blind than my departed father. It has been repainted twice. I am looking for a buyer, like me, who doesn't mind a car that's built to look and perform better than new. If I don't find that buyer, then this is the look that I prefer and I can enjoy it If you are seeking a car with a "coffee and cars" quality and not Concour level of preparation then you may be the right candidate to be the next owner of #364. If you seek a car which is painted in a period correct iconic racing color combination, then you are right for ownership of this rare bird. The Weenie looks as good on the underside as it does on the topside. Body: The photos will show that the body was totally stripped and repainted by David Turner, famous around here and in the Southeast street rod circuit. His cars have won many a trophy. He chose to use the damaged quarter panel. The original Carreras have slightly larger flares than the SC and later cars. We left the floors and pans as they had withstood the ravages of time. Pans: As you can see the interior and engine compartment were painted in Carrera White. The pans were painted to mimic the way the car would have looked when it rolled off the assembly line, only better. The rockers were shiny steel as you can see from the pictures. I use the stock jack points to lift the cEngine: I have had the engine rebuilt again. The case was split and sent to Ollie's in Arizona. It was decked and line bored. We used Timeserts, Raceware studs Etc. Only the "good stuff" was used. Please see the photos. The engine has "break in miles" only. I can provide documentation of its rebuild. Oil cooling: As heat is the devil to any air cooled 911, especially a 2.7 liter I have changed to a front mounted cooler with 2 fans to cool everything off. As many parts of America and of Europe don't require A/C, I intentionally left air conditioning off as it is ineffective in the hot and muggy south anyway. A/C, the aftermarket offers complete kits which are claimed to provide cold air. Wheels & tires: The period correct Fuchs alloys are clad with Hankook Ventus R-S3 tires which offer great grip and make a great compromise tire. The tires are 225/45by15 which are also not period correct.Transmission: I had the 915 gearbox rebuilt by the best, again with "break in" miles only. The pressure plate is lightweight aluminum. Suspension: Many of the parts that you see are new. I replaced the shocks with new Bilsteins. The torsion bars are 22 front and 27 rear. All bushings, etc. were replaced with new. I have left tow hooks installed. Interior: The seats, carpet, door panels, "S" steering wheel are all new. There is a mat liner to keep down road noise. I did not put a radio in. Stereos are a personal preference and I leave that choice to its future owner.When I bought the Weenie, it had the incorrect dash as you can see. This dash has the larger center vent from a later car but works well as a flow through ventilation. The SSIs allow ample heat into the passenger compartment. Brakes: The stock aluminum front brakes are rebuilt with new hardware, bearings and rotors. The rears are from a 3.2 Carrera which are slightly larger and are similarly rebuilt.. I will provide aid for PPI and additional photos (have 100s.) This car is way better than new. Thanks Deems Riddle Chattanooga TN


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  • ENGINE6 Cylinder
  • DRIVETRAIN2 wheel drive


  • TRANSMISSION5 Speed Manual






  • WINDOWS Sunroof / Moonroof Tinted Glass Power Windows