1987 Pontiac Trans Am

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1987 Pontiac Trans Am

  • DESCRIPTIONVERY LOW MILEAGE 1987 TRANS AM GTA. 35,700 Miles!! 2nd Owner! I had a 87 like this years ago, and always wanted one again. I found this one 4 sale by the original owner and couldn't resist. have a 1977 Trans Am that I just got put back together . The 70's models are just becoming popular with the price rising every day. Soon those will be gone and the next up will be the 80's models. The car is a 35,700-mile original; the only aftermarket non-original part is the fuel pressure regulator and 21 lbs injectors . It is a GTA, top of the line model with all the bells and whistles. Options include: 1. Power door locks 2. Power windows 3. Digital Dash 4. Console, interior roof 5. A/C (I had it converted to R134, blows cold!) 6. Cruise control 7. Power mirrors 8. 350 TPI Chevy engine 9. 700R4 overdrive automatic tranny 10. Engine oil cooler 11. 4 wheel disc brake 12. 81u "Bright Red" paint I have all the receipts of any maintenance that was performed on the car including the window sticker, the owner warranty book, GM maintenance book, original owners manual and the manual for the radio. These are the original books from the dealer! The lady that bought and owned the car never smoked in it, never drove in the winter and took meticulous care of it and I have continued that trend. This is evident by the maintenance records she kept. It drives straight, if you hit the brakes hard, the steering wheel doesn't even twitch and it brakes perfectly straight. Amazing for a 23-year-old car. The rims are in beautiful condition; except for the front passenger side rim. I tried to turn around on the street and tapped the curb and it has made a mark (Can be seen in pic). It wasn't hard enough to affect the steering as the car still brakes perfect and drives straight as an arrow. Rear deck lid and hood gas shocks have been replaced. There is no rust and the body is in near mint condition. Interior is also in near mint condition, still smells like new! Tires are pretty new with at least ? tread left on the back. The front tires were just replaced, there were very dry after storage this winter. Replaced with Falken Zien 512, 245 50 R16.Exact fit heavy car cover is included. I have an aftermarket radio in it, but still have the stock on that can be put back in it. Alas, the car is used and therefore not perfect. Listed problems are shown in pictures. 1. Paint chipped on hood. 2. Crack in rear spoiler. 3. Spots of clear coat coming off on rear spoiler 4. Both door panels cracked on top. (Common problem) 5. Power antenna does not go down. 6. Chip in the windshield, it has been fixed by Auto Glass specialist. You can still see it some, but the integrity is good and the window will not spider out. The last item was an occasional smoke issue with rough start up. I tracked this down to the injectors leaking after the car is shut off. All 8 injectors have been replaced with after market set, they are 21 lbs as compared to the stock 19 lbs. While replacing the injectors it was noticed that the intake was leaking antifreeze and the gasket was replaced. The car now starts right up every time and the leak is gone. This $700.00+ worth of repairs were just completed by Evolution Motor Werks in St Cloud. After that I have found if the car sits for a while it will puff out a bit of smoke, it starts right up, but puffs. This would be the valve seals leaking; a very common problem with these cars. I have the new valve seals


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  • ENGINE8 Cylinder
  • DRIVETRAIN2 wheel drive - rear


  • TRANSMISSION4 Speed Automatic with Overdrive






  • COMFORT Power Brakes Power Door Locks Cruise Control Power Steering Air Conditioning Tilt Wheel Power Mirrors
  • WINDOWS Rear Window Defroster Power Windows
  • SOUND CD Player
  • OTHER FEATURES Rear Spoiler