AutoTrader Classics Community Guidelines

Last updated: March 23, 2009

AutoTrader Classics is an online community where members can show off their cars, post upcoming events and share images and video. Like any community we have a set of guidelines that are designed to keep our community active, entertaining and safe. The following Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a contributing member. Don't forget that your use of is subject to both our Community Guidelines and the Visitor Agreement.

The Good:

We rely on each and every member to help keep AutoTrader Classics a fun and entertaining place to spend some time. The more active you are, the more content and interesting people you will be exposed to. If you are really engaged we have a system set up to recognize and reward you with profile badges. What you need to do to get one is a secret. Here is a hint: take great photos, show the special details and tell everyone what makes your car unique.

Show it off.

Upload stuff. Lots of stuff. Pictures and video of your car. Pictures and video of your restoration process. Take the time to make sure the pictures are sharp and tell a story. A few extra minutes to get a great shot could mean more excitement and comments from other members. The more photos, video and information you post, the more likely you are to garner respect and accolades from the community.

Don't be shy. Participate.

Maybe you don't currently have a car, or maybe you are not ready to show it off. That shouldn't stop you from participating. There are plenty of ways to engage without posting a car. We encourage you to let people know about upcoming events using our event calendar. Add comments and ratings. Make friends. All of these things will help you meet interesting people and see some amazing cars.

Share your knowledge.

Most likely you are an expert about some component of your car. This is the place to let others know about your specialties. You may have a whole host of tips and tricks for beginners. You might even be able to help another expert.

Moderate yourself and others

Before uploading media or responding to a comment, take a second to think. You are ultimately responsible for your own content, and what you upload to your profile reflects on your character. We are relying on you to have the good judgment to moderate your own content. We all have different ideas of what is acceptable, but let common sense be your guide. If your common sense happens to be clouded or impaired on a given day we may step in and moderate your content and send you a nice note/warning. And keep in mind that whatever you post it should always comply with the content guidelines described in our Visitor Agreement.

We have also set up a system that allows users to moderate other users through our "report this item" tool. We encourage you to be active in protecting your right to enjoy content and conversation without being offended or abused. Reporting an offensive item is similar to picking up a piece of litter, or helping a little old lady across the street. No one may know you have done it, but it makes the community a nicer place to visit.

Let others know you are on AutoTrader Classics

The best way to see more great cars is to let people know about AutoTrader Classics. Use our friend invite tool to let people know where you are showing off your car. Use our share tool to post it to your Facebook profile or MySpace page. By spreading the word and linking back to our site you are increasing your chances of getting a higher rating and more comments, which could get you a spot on the community home page.

Be Friendly

Be nice and people will want to be your friend. Enough said.

The Bad:

As we noted above, your use of AutoTrader Classics is subject to the AutoTrader Classics Community Guidelines and the AutoTrader Classics Visitor Agreement. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your account and remove all content you have posted to the AutoTrader Classics site if you violate the Community Guidelines or the Visitor Agreement. We may (but are not obligated to) give you a warning prior to terminating your account , but in certain cases we will terminate your account without warning if we determine you conduct warrants such an action. Our community managers are firm but fair, and their decisions are final.

Obnoxious Behavior

We are trying to create a welcoming environment for all our users. Accordingly, please try to avoid being rude or obnoxious to other users. In particular:

  • Don't vent, rant, troll or flame.
  • No one wants to feel disrespected. While we encourage you to engage in good, healthy debate, don't belittle or criticize members.
  • Avoid slurs, stereotypes, and anything even resembling hate speech. We may remove that kind of content from the site, and likely will terminate your account.
  • Don't try to get attention by posting the same item over and over again. It gets old fast.

Using the community for commercial purposes or financial gain

Our community is for personal and entertainment use only. We stay in business by offering a highly sophisticated and targeted suite of business products and services that allows users to advertise cars and services for sale in our marketplace. These cars and services may appear from time to time in our community to help our sellers promote items and services that may interest our members.

Community members who have not purchased a product or service from AutoTrader Classics are not allowed to sell their own products and services through the community. If we find you selling products or services through your profile and you have not purchased the corresponding product in our marketplace, we will terminate your account. Likewise it is against the rules to solicit money, donations or gifts from our members via the AutoTrader Classics site.

Breaking the law

If we think you are doing something illegal or criminal in nature, we will remove you from the site and contact the proper authorities. Just like in life, on AutoTrader Classics, ignorance of the law is no defense.

Remember, kids like cars too

While our site is designed for use by those 16 and over, our content is available to all. Kids are curious and may wander into our community looking for information or pictures of cool cars. Put your parent/uncle/responsible citizen hat on and think about whether the items you post in our community are appropriate for children and moderate yourself accordingly.

Don't share personal information Please use common sense with regard to the level of information you share with others. We work hard to protect our members' privacy, and we are careful not to disclose information that would allow a party to determine a user's identity or contact information; we appreciate your help with those efforts. Don't give out your personal information to anyone else unless you know the party to whom you are giving it. This same rule holds true for other people's personal information. Do not share or post names, phone numbers, email or addresses of individuals on the site, and do not repost any messages or threads from private conversations or message boards.

The Ugly:

Offensive content and behavior

You are going to see a lot of great cars, but you also might stumble upon a few things you don't think are so great. In fact, some content on this site might even offend you. You have two options: close your eyes and hit the back button, or report the item via our system (look for a little red flag and "report this item"). We prefer you do the latter as it will allow us to investigate the content and remove it if deemed necessary, which in turn, will provide a more enjoyable visit for everyone else.

If you think a member is abusive, malicious or is trying to solicit information or money, you can report that member directly using the "report this member" flag that is located in the member's profile along with their member information. Remember, when reporting please be as specific as possible so we are able to investigate and moderate quickly. Reporting items and people helps build up "Carma" points for which you will be rewarded, if not by us, then by the universe.