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Hot Rod Builder Bryan Fuller Rolls Out His New Project

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by Brian Medford  More from Author

Check out Bryan's latest project on Cafe Racer TV.

Metal worker and fabricator extraordinaire Bryan Fuller is no stranger to motorcycles. Some of his bikes have even been displayed at the High Museum in Atlanta! So it should come as no surprised when the folks at Cafe Racer TV picked Bryan to build a special bike for them. Bryan dropped us a line about the new show:

"Over 4 episodes we take a 1969 Honda CB 750 that we cut up in front of the original owner!!  Jack Feldman put 75,000 miles on this bike himself before the Fuller Crew gave her a serious makeover.

The climax comes when Jack and the new owner of the bike get to take it for a ride.....on the Barber Motorsports Track alone!!!! Pretty cool stuff! Check us out on HD Theater Wed. night August 3rd at 9:00 eastern for the premier of Cafe Racer TV.  Its a great show I think you will enjoy immensely!

Lots of stuff going on around the shop these days.  Probably the biggest is that after 2 years of work, "Full-Bore Sheetmetal" is finally at the printer.  It will be available at in August for purchase!"

Bryan is one of the coolest cats in the bike and rodding world and his craftsmanship is above top notch. If you haven't seen his work check out You can also check out my interview with Bryan here.


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